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A Rocha Lebanon is a charitable organization as defined by the Lebanese law. Its activities are made possible by the support of its members and other occasional or regular donors. A Rocha can issue tax receipts for donations. For donors paying taxes in countries where other A Rocha’s operate, it is often possible to give to A Rocha Lebanon through your local A Rocha and benefit from tax reductions in your own country. Contact us for details.

If you wish to support A Rocha Lebanon projects, it’s very simple! Choose the payment method that suits you the best:

Donate online (in 2 clicks)

As a One-time or Permanent Donor through our Fundraising platform :

Donate by wire transfer through your bank

A Rocha Lebanon for the Environment

IBAN LB74 0001 0125 USD1 5190 5772 9801

Donate by wire transfer through OMT/Western Union/MoneyGram:

Contact us for further instructions.

Other types of donation:

Beyond donations in money, we also have need for the functioning of our environmental project center in West Bekaa, including:

If you would like to supply us with one of these articles, or you have specific ideas about the best way we can obtain them, please contact us.

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